About MathMusic

The integration of visually impaired pupils in regular schools have proved to be very fruitful. Blind pupils are now participating in all school curriculum, using braille keyboard, voiceovers and various tactile accessories.

While this is very impressive, there are still some undoubtable challenges.

One challenge that remained throughout the years is the teaching of mathematics to visually impaired pupils. This is because in math there are crucial subject which are visual in their nature, such as graphs and geometry. This is because the tools which are broadly used today use touch, and pupils face a very difficult challenge to grasp these concepts using this sense solely.


Here, we aim to supply a practical, reliable tool for studying these concepts. For that target, we use a combination of a method called sensory subtitution to convey any shape, together with text-to-speech algorithm to convey the texts. Basically, we convey the visual information of the shape through sound, which codes the spatial information, such that a high-pitched sound is an high element in the picture. This algorithm is called the EyeMusic, and was used successfuly to various tasks by people who are blind (see the "about us" page). To this we add a novel text-to-speech algorithm, to convey the textual information (numbers, letters, ect.). Don't worry! it might sound complicated, but its not that much. you will hear more about this new language of the senses. in the "get started" page. Our aim with this website is the provide a general platform for the teaching of geometry and graphs to visually impaired pupils. Here you will find the option to upload any graph from the web and hear it; a graph plotter, in which you can write the equation and hear the graph; lessons and excersises, which we will upload, together with lessons uploaded by users; and forum for advices on how to teach different concepts to pupils. We encourage you to get started and learn the algorithm. It might be hard in the beginning, but its worth it! Please send us any feedback through the 'about' page, or post any question in the forum. We need you, pupils, teachers and parents, for continuing to develop this platform and help to improve the accessability of visually impaired to mathematics.

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