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This Media page will let you sample some of our work. It includes a live feed from our Twitter account, a link to our YouTube channel, a repository of images and of our Press-Releases, summaries of our novel technologies and recent awards and grants the lab has won, and finally various press articles about our work.

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Press Resources:
You are welcome to use these resources as long as they are atributed to our lab - please take them from here.

Press releases:
UNC Summary of a list of new publication at the start of 2014 (English)
UNC Following publication of "EyeMusic: Introducing a “visual” colorful experience for the blind using auditory sensory substitution" RNN 2013 (English)
UNC Following publication of "Cross-sensory transfer of sensory-motor information: visuomotor learning affects performance on an audiomotor task, using sensory-substitution" Scientific Reports 2012 (English)
(לעברית לחץ כאן)
UNC Following publication of "Reading with sounds: Sensory substitution selectively activates the visual word form area in the blind" Neuron 2012 (English)
UNC Following publication of "Fast, Accurate Reaching Movements with a Visual-to-Auditory Sensory Substitution Device" RNN 2012 (English)
UNC Following publication of "The large-scale organization of "visual" streams emerges without visual experience?" Cerebral Cortex 2012 (English)
UNC Following publication of "A Ventral Visual Stream Reading Center Independent of Visual Experience" Current Biology 2011 (English)

Unique technologies:
UNC The EyeCane - a virtual cane for the blind (English)
UNC The EyeMusic - a pleasent musical sensory substitution device conveying shape, color and location (English)


UNC ERC grant awarded to our lab (English)

Some examples of past press:

Artificial sensory substitution for the blind vision:

Hebrew University

Lecture in the ceremony honoring Morgan Freeman

UNC Radio show on Your Health ® radio: Seeing with your ears with Dr. Amir Amedi.(English)
Hebrew University A short video about the use of vOICe sensory substitution device for the blind in our lab (English).
Channel Ten Israel's channel ten news report about the use of vOICe sensory substitution device for the blind in our lab (Hebrew).
Jerusalem Post Jerusalem Post story 'Opening a new channel'.
The New Scientist New scientist TMS lab press release (Amedi et al Nature Neuroscience 2007).
TMS Lab TMS lab press release (Amedi et al Nature Neuroscience 2007).
VOICE Seeing with sounds press release (Amedi et al Nature Neuroscience 2007).
New York Times Magazine Dr. Peter Meijer – vOICe & Prof. Pascual-Leone team's work (Amedi et al CNS 2005).

Brain plasticity and multisensory interactions:

Some Links about braille activations in word form area (Reich et al. Current Biology 2011):
New York Times.
Science Update podcast.
Haaretz (Hebrew).
Jerusalem Post.
SFN Society for neuroscience news release on the blindfold work (Amedi et al. SFN 2006).
New York Times Magazine New York Times (Amedi, Raz et al. Nature Neuroscience 2003; with Prof. Ehud Zohary).
Nature Neuroscience Press release (Amedi, Floel et al. Nature Neuroscience 2004; with Profs. Leonardo Cohen & Ehud Zohary).
NIH NIH press release (Amedi, Floel et al. 2004; with Profs. Leonardo Cohen & Ehud Zohary).
ABC The blind brain on ABC.
Science and Consciousness On visual mental imagery (Amedi et al. Neuron 2005; with Profs. Alvaro Pascual-Leone & Rafael Malach).
The Boston Globe "Old brain, new tricks" on the Boston Globe.
Science News Science News.
Nature Neuroscience Nature Neuroscience new and views by Prof. Christian Buchel.
Haaretz Haaretz (Hebrew review).
ICNC ICNC, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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