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  • Buchs G, Maidenbaum S, Levy-Tzedek S, Amedi A Integration and binding in rehabilitative sensory substitution: Increasing resolution using a new Zooming-in approach Restorative neurology and neuroscience , 2015;[Link]

  • Reich L, Amedi A 'Visual’parsing can be taught quickly without visual experience during critical periods Scientific reports , 5 2015;[PDF]

  • Heimler B, Striem-Amit E, Amedi A. Origins of task-specific sensory-independent organization in the visual and auditory brain: neuroscience evidence, open questions and clinical implications. Current opinion in neurobiology , 35, 169-177 2015;[PDF]

  • Murray M.M., Matusz P.J, Amedi A. Neuroplasticity: Unexpected Consequences of Early Blindness Current Biology , 25(20), R998-R1001 2015;[PDF]

  • Hannagan T, Amedi A, Cohen L, Dehaene-Lambertz G, Dehaene S. Origins of the specialization for letters and numbers in ventral occipitotemporal cortex Trends in cognitive sciences 19(7), 374-382 2015;[PDF]

  • Chebat D.R., Maidenbaum S., Amedi A Navigation using sensory substitution in real and virtual mazes PloS one , 10(6) 2015;[Link]

  • Striem-Amit E*, Ovadia-Caro S*, Caramazza A, Margulies DS, Villringer A and Amedi A Functional connectivity of visual cortex in the blind follows retinotopic organization principles Brain 2014;[Link]

  • Zeharia N, Hertz U, Flash T, Amedi A. New Whole-body Sensory-Motor Gradients Revealed Using Phase-Locked Analysis and Verified using MVPA and Functional Connectivity Journal of Neuroscience 2015; in press

  • Abboud S, Maidenbaum S, Dehaene S, Amedi A. A number-form area in the blind Nature Communications 2014; [PDF]

  • Levy-Tzedek S, Riemer D, Amedi A. Color improves ‘visual’ acuity via sound Frontiers in Neuroscience 2014;[PDF]

  • Maidenbaum S, Chebat DR, Levy-Tzedek S, Namer-Furstenberg R, Amedi A. The Effect of Expanded Sensory Range via the EyeCane Sensory Substitution Device on the Characteristics of Visionless Virtual Navigation MSR 2014; [PDF]

  • Maidenbaum S*, Hanassy S*, Abboud S, Buchs G, Chebat DR, Levy-Tzedek S, Amedi A. The “EyeCane”, a new electronic travel aid for the blind: Technology, behavior & swift learning RNN 2014; in press

  • Proulx MJ, Ptito M., Amedi A. Multisensory integration, sensory substitution and visual rehabilitation Special issue of NBR, editorial 2014;[PDF]

  • Maidenbaum S*, Arbel A*, Shapira S, Buchs G and Amedi A. Vision through other senses: practical use of Sensory Substitution devices as assistive technology for visual rehabilitation MED 2014;[PDF]

  • Buchs G*, Maidenbaum S*, Amedi A. Obstacle Identification and Avoidance Using the 'EyeCane' EuroHaptics 2014;[PDF]

  • Striem-Amit E, Amedi A. Visual Cortex Extrastriate Body-Selective Area Activation in Congenitally Blind People ‘‘Seeing’’ by Using Sounds Current Biology 2014;[PDF]

  • Maidenbaum S, Amedi A. Sensory Substitution and Augmentation – what's happening "under the hood" in our brain? Assistive Augmentation 2014;[PDF]

  • Maidenbaum S, Chebat DR, Levy-Tzedek S, Amedi A. Blind in a Virtual World: Vision-deprived Virtual Navigation Patterns Using Depth Cues and The Effect of Extended Sensory Range CHI-WiP 2014;[PDF]

  • Hertz U, Amedi A. Flexibility and stability in sensory processing revealed using visual-to-auditory sensory substitution Cerebral Cortex 2014;[Link]

  • Maidenbaum S, Chebat DR, Levy-Tzedek S, Amedi A. Depth-To-Audio Sensory Substitution for Navigation in Virtual Environments Proceedings of the HCII 2014;[PDF]

  • Maidenbaum S, Abboud S, Amedi A. Sensory substitution: Closing the gap between basic research and widespread practical visual rehabilitation NBR 2013;[PDF]

  • Abboud S, Hanassy S, Levy-Tzedek S, Maidenbaum S, Amedi A. EyeMusic: Introducing a “visual” colorful experience for the blind using auditory sensory substitution RNN 2013;[PDF].

  • Levy-Tzedek S, Halimi M, Amedi A. Seeing with your ears: a wondrous journey across the senses Frontiers for young minds 2013;[Link].

  • Maidenbaum S, Levy-Tzedek S, Chebat DR, Amedi A. Increasing Accessibility to the Blind of Virtual Environments, Using a Virtual Mobility Aid Based On the "EyeCane": Feasibility Study PLoS1 2013;[PDF].

  • Levy-Tzedek S, Novick I, Arbel R, Abboud S, Maidenbaum S, Vaadia E, Amedi A. Cross-sensory transfer of sensory-motor information: visuomotor learning affects performance on an audiomotor task, using sensory-substitution Scientific Reports 2012; 2:949 [PDF].

  • Maidenbaum S, Amedi A. Applying Plasticity to Visual Rehabilitation in Adulthood. Plasticity in Sensory Systems (2012): 229 2012;.[PDF]

  • Zeharia N, Hertz U, Flash T, Amedi A Negative blood oxygenation level dependent homunculus and somatotopic information in primary motor cortex and supplementary motor area PNAS 2012; [PDF].

  • Striem-Amit E, Dehaene S, Cohen L, Amedi A. Reading with sounds: Sensory substitution selectively activates the visual word form area in the blind Neuron 2012; [PDF].

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  • Amedi A, Von Kriegstein K, Van Atteveldt N, Beauchamp MS, Naumer MJ. Functional imaging of human crossmodal identification and object recognition Experimental Brain Research 2005; 166: 559-571. [PDF]

    See also:
    Ramos-Estebanez C, Merabet LB, Machii K, Fregni F, Thut G, Wagner TA, Romei V, Amedi A, Pascual-Leone A. Visual phosphene perception modulated by sub-threshold cross-modal sensory stimulation. Journal of Neuroscience 2007; 27: 4178-4181. [PDF]

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  • Amedi A, Raz N, Pianka P, Malach R, Zohary E. Early 'visual' cortex activation correlates with superior verbal-memory performance in the blind. Nature Neuroscience 2003; 6:758-66. [PDF]

    See also:
    Raz N, Amedi A, Zohary E. V1 activation in congenitally blind is associated with episodic retrieval. Cerebral Cortex 2005; 15:1459-1468.  [PDF]

  • Amedi A, Malach R, Hendler T, Peled S, Zohary E. Visuo-haptic object-related activation in the ventral visual pathway. Nature Neuroscience 2001; 4:324-330. [PDF]

    See also:
    Amedi A, Jacobson G, Hendler T, Malach R, Zohary E. Convergence of visual and tactile shape processing in the human lateral occipital complex. Cerebral Cortex 2002; 12:1202-1212. [PDF]


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  • Amedi A. Seeing in the dark. Odyssey January 2010; (Hebrew) [PDF]


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