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Amir Amedi's Lab - The EyeMusic
The EyeMusic:

Image of the EyeMusic

The EyeMusic is one of the main Sensory Substitution devices developed in our lab. It transforms whole scene information, including parameters such as location, shape and color, pixel by pixel into sound to enable perception of the entire environment.

Have you ever tried to tell the difference between two bottles of juice, which are identical by touch but look totally different?
This task is just one example of what can be accomplished by using the EyeMusic. This device is already in use by several users who are blind for tasks such as object detection, identification and manipulation, navigation and more.

We have also used this device for some fascinating scientific work published in the journal of restorative Neurology and Neuroscience and Scientific Reports, and presented at prestigious venues such as Microsoft ThinkNext, iNNOVEX, ARVO, CHI and more. Some recent examples in popular media include these articles in Wired.

Here you can find out more about it and for some online examples.
Here you can download the EyeMusic.
Here you can find out more about the patent and rights behind it.
This work is summed in a press release here.

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