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Welcome to the EyeMusic demonstrator

The EyeMusic is a tool that provides visual information through a musical auditory experience. The EyeMusic technology is being developed by Amir Amedi's Lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For a video demonstration see here.

[Image credit Maxim Dupliy, Amir Amedi and Shelly Levy-Tzedek]

Left: An illustration of the EyeMusic sensory–substitution device (SSD), showing a user with a camera mounted on his glasses, and using bone-conductance headphones, hearing musical notes that create a mental image of the visual scene in front of him. He is reaching for the red apple in a pile of green ones. Top right: close-up of the glasses–mounted camera and headphones; bottom right: hand-held camera pointed at the object of interest.

For licensing information see here: Yissum EyeMusic.

Below you can see images and their correlated soundscapes in EyeMusic. In order to experience the use of EyeMusic click on the image that you would like to "hear". After pressing the button, the EyeMusic will scan the selected picture and play back to you the sound that represents the picture using the following rules:

1. You will hear the musical sounds as it scans the picture from left to right (i.e. –elements to the left will be heard first).

2. Pitch, in a musical scale, corresponds to height (i.e. – the closer the element to the top of the picture the higher the pitch and vice versa). So if we take the example of a piano, high pixels will sound like the high notes of the piano, middle pixles as middle piano notes and low pixels will be represented by the low part of the piano keybord.

3. Amplitude corresponds to brightness (i.e. – brighter elements will be louder).

4. A different Musical instrument represents each color.

Please note that the following stimuli are currently supported for the Firefox and chrome browsers only. if you are using Explorer please experience these sounds in the blind-friendly version of this page.

Please select a lesson from the menu:

Although we give here no more than a glance at the potential of the EyeMusic, we hope that we were able to demonstrate to you how intuitive the EyeMusic is, and that it can be taught quickly and with great results. More structured lessons will be available soon.

* we recently published our study showing that people make fast and accurate movements
to targets that are presented to them via the EyeMusic.
Levy-Tzedek S., Hanassy S., Abboud S., Maidenbaum s., Amedi A.Fast, Accurate Reaching Movements with a Visual-to-Auditory Sensory Substitution Device. Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience. 2012; 30: 4.

For more information, please contact Dr Amedi at this address.

The world as experienced through the EyeMusic

[Image credit Michael Gluhoded, Shelly Levy-Tzedek and Amir Amedi]